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The Lonely Irishman

It’s with great pleasure, after a bloody lovely Premiere evening at Molly Malones in Hitchin last night, that we can officially unveil our new video! It’s a new song from our still-being-written second album… A folk song with traditional Irish influences about the lonely cliche drunken Irishman in most local bars and pubs, and why you should make the effort to speak to them and find out about their rich and varied lives. So without further ado, I give you, THE LONELY IRISHMAN:

Spandex Ballet – Big In Spain!

Eleven days ago, we launched a video to our tender ballad, “There’s Nothing Sexy About Faeces”, & we’re pleased to say that we’ve had a great response, reaching over 1000 hits – many thanks to any of you who have watched/rated/favourited it.

But imagine my surprise, when a friend posted to my Facebook Wall, the following message -

Hay leon!! I’ve just come back from Spain!! I know lucky me… Anyhow met some new bods out their and one of them got well excited when we started talking music said you gotta see this vid on YouTube … Next thing I knew I was watching you and your mate singing about anul sex LOL … You don’t half get around!! Ps they were soooooooo jealous that I actually knew you I felt like a groupie icon smile Spandex Ballet   Big In Spain!

Fuck me, we’ve made it!  In all seriousness, it shows that virals can & do work – here’s the video again.  If you like it, please, please share/retweet it with any like-minded people – it really does make a difference.


See The Video For ‘There’s Nothing Sexy About Faeces’

It’s here! It’s alive! It’s pretty horrible! It’s Mark Garvey’s interpretation of our single ‘There’s Nothing Sexy About Faeces’! Please share with everyone you’ve ever met using this link: http://wp.me/pTAfW-w