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Stream Spandex Ballet Album Tracks!

Hey all, just a quick note that after much arguing with technology, we have finally managed to get a Spandex Ballet music player up on the site! Have a look over to the right of the page, and you’ll see there’s now a funky little music player, featuring a selection of tunes from our debut album for your listening pleasure.

If you have any suggestions for the player, why not send them over – every once in a while we’ll update it, and we’ll always take your requests on board (although all requests for ‘My Boombastic Definition Of A Sex Attack’ will be ignored for a number of obvious reasons).

Oh, and thank you to anyone who’s been sharing our articles on Facebook – please keep spreading the word. It means absolutely loads.

ROTW 2010 Footage

Thanks to those of you who’ve been sending us bits of footage from shows here and there. We’ve just seen the first one to be posted from our appearance at Hitchin’s Rhythms of the World festival last weekend. Thanks to Michelle for posting!

If you have any videos of us playing live, please point us in it’s general direction!

We're on iTunes!

Hello all

Yes, finally, our debut album, “Seriously, Don’t Release This” is available on iTunes.  I’ve never been so proud as when I saw the red “Explicit” logo against more than half of the songs on the album – although not, oddly, against our stalkers’ ballad, “Freak You Out”, which has no less than 22 euphemisms for masturbating.  Buy it now, & judge for yourself.

Edit from Chris: I find it amusing that iTunes felt the need to star out the word ‘Whores’ but ‘Slut’ was apparently fine. Haha.

SB Album Launch Footage

Our friend Danny was thoughtful enough to upload some clips from our album launch onto youtube. And there was another one posted from ‘peoplearestrange’ too – We thought we’d share them all with you here. Enjoy: