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The Daily Mail’s So-Called ‘Siege’ Ends Peacefully (Sort Of)

I just thought I’d do a quick follow up post on yesterday’s blog about how the Daily Mail saw fit to run two stories about a perfectly legal Traveller festival, making out like the caravans were in fact made entirely of the corpses of villagers, to point out that despite the Daily Mail’s ridiculous decision to treat local non-news as national news, the festival (the completely legal, 100% legitimate, okay-ed with the land-owner festival) finished on time, and the travellers went home. As promised.

mail 224x300 The Daily Mails So Called Siege Ends Peacefully (Sort Of)Mountain Out of a Daily Mail Hill

Sadly, before the travellers left the camp, one of the villagers allegedly fired a shotgun at one of their children. A five year old boy collecting ladybirds was apparently ‘trespassing’.

So, in short there’s two stories the Daily Fail should write this week, but I very much doubt they will:



ROTW 2010 Footage

Thanks to those of you who’ve been sending us bits of footage from shows here and there. We’ve just seen the first one to be posted from our appearance at Hitchin’s Rhythms of the World festival last weekend. Thanks to Michelle for posting!

If you have any videos of us playing live, please point us in it’s general direction!

Rhythms Of The World 2010

A massive, massive thank you to everyone who came to see our show on Chris Ripple’s ArcadeEclectic stage at this year’s Rhythms Of The World festival.  We weren’t expecting anything like the audience we got, but we were even more surprised that you didn’t all leave in droves after my “warn-’em-early-doors” Maddy McCann gag.

A reminder that those of you who wanted an album & didn’t get one can either download it on iTunes, or buy it here.  We love you all.  Mwah.

rotw1 300x199 Rhythms Of The World 2010

More pics like this one at http://www.flickr.com/mangakamaidenphotography

New Material!

Yes, that’s right folks. SB have been working hard today to write some brand spanking new songs for you all. We don’t want to give too much away, but I can assure you there’s something for everyone. They include ‘Googy Gaggy Baby’, our own take on Eurovision, and a song about call centres. And they say Radiohead are eclectic.

You’ll be able to hear some of the new material at Hitchin’s Mostly Comedy at the George (visit www.doggettandephgrave.co.uk for info) and of course this year’s Rhythms of the World Festival (more info at www.rotw.org.uk).

Seeya soon.
Chris and Leon.

Shit England Football Team Merchandise

Being the country that spawned the Chav, it’s only right that, come any major sporting event, that capitalism, commercialism & pikeyness meet head-on, & spawn themselves in all manner of hideous consumables (& they are all consumables, as you’ll chuck it all away come August). In this spirit, I’d like to invite any of you with a Facebook account to add this group. This isn’t about banning the flag, it’s about banning the TAT.

That is all.

Decision Made: Find Out Who Won Us Over!

I woke up really early this morning. I was excited, nervous, and confused. My mind was a fog of rights and wrongs, dos and don’ts, mistakes and regrets. Today it had to be the right decision.

I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, and in the past my mind had been made up so quickly, but with my head held high I left the flat, confident that I’d chosen wisely.

It’s only now I’m home I’m starting to wonder if I’ve fucked up.

In fact: I’m starting to wonder if the system works at all.

I mean, why DO Waitrose insist on making you choose which charity you give a green coin to? It’s so hard! I don’t mind telling you I went for the burnt kids one. I mean, It seemed a better choice than old people and sick animals. But I’m still not sure if it was the right choice. Still, it’s done now. I’ve used my right to choose until the next time I go shopping, and my to do list for the day is complete. I’m just going to stay in and do nothing all day.

Honestly, I don’t like staying in, but there’s really nothing else worth doing today once you’ve given up your precious plastic token to help the mini-Westons of this world.

Yours democratically,

Downing Street Fighter!

I came across this rather clever website today; it combines the classic 80′s arcade game Street Fighter, & British politics.  Playing as Nick Clegg, I fought past a Nick Clegg doppelganger, David Cameron (who fought dirty) & Gordon Brown (who frankly, didn’t put up much of a fight).  I was finally defeated by a Blair/Thatcher double-headed demon overlord.  The best bit by far, however, is the Gillian Duffy bonus round, where you get to play the “bigoted” pensioner, & kick the shit out of the PM.  Good stuff.

Finally, A Gaffe – & What A Gaffe!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it?  Every election has one, whether it’s Neil Kinnock pretending to be Bono, or John Prescott pretending to be Henry Cooper.  Well, now Gordon Brown has joined in, calling a 66-year-old widow from Rochale, “A bigot”, as he sped away in a car after chatting to her – not realising he was still wearing a clip-on mic.

When first reading the news, I noticed that the press weren’t printing what the woman, Gillian Duffy, had said.  Brown claimed she was talking about Eastern European immigration in his apology to her, on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2′s show (note brilliant head-clutching), & I must admit, I assumed the lady in question may well have suggested that “Dem immigants need gassing bak to Nairobi”.

Turns out she didn’t, & that in fact, immigration was only mentioned in passing, & that her views, whilst broad & general, certainly weren’t bigoted.

If you want a real laugh though, watch these two journalists from the BBC & Sky News chasing this poor, confused woman, fighting with each other for airtime, & desperately trying to keep a non-interview going.  Awesome – especially when she answers her phone.

Wither PR?

Today, David Cameron has accused Nick Clegg of “Holding the country to ransom”, in order to force through Proportional Representation, which, to be fair, would benefit the Lib Dems immensely.  But why won’t anyone (other than the Lib Dems) explain what PR actually is, & why it’s so allegedly shit?  Well, wonder no more – here’s a video John Cleese once made, which, whilst clearly Liberal/SDP-centric, does at least spell out PR.  Watch it here, & wonder no more.

I Agree With Nick (If Nick Says Commercialism Moves Too Fast, That Is)

Having missed the first leader debates, I was interested to learn that the phrase, “I agree with Nick” was used several times by both Gordon Brown and David Cameron – trying to patronise the new boy, or trying to butter the kingmaker up?  In any event, I was stunned, upon typing “I agree with Nick” into Google, to find a website churning out appropriately-branded merch. Some of the more ‘interesting’ merch comes in the form of this t-shirt for your dog, some nice low top sneakers, or brilliantly, Vince Cable’s giant brain!

Let’s hope for Nick’s sake he’s getting a cut of all this merch, as allegations into his financial affairs from 2006 arose today; sadly, I’m going to miss the second leader debates, but I’m sure Clegg will get his arse handed to him, as indeed Vince Cable did on The Politics Show, this afternoon.  Lib Dem backlash?  You fucking bet.