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Charity Song: “Simon Cowell: Sh*t For Ears”

DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES!*t-for-ears/id586619138

A campaign to send a stark message to Simon Cowell, and to raise cash for Stand Up To Cancer…

Charlie Brooker was right… What we need is song that exists as a clear message that we’re sick of Cowell, his awful televised talent contest, and everything the show represents.

Rage Against The Machine was a good start, but it’s time for a new song to be written, with a lasting message.

A single that exists for one reason only.

Purpose built to say what the majority of music fans from all over the world have been thinking about the X-Factor for a long time.

Simon Cowell has sh*t for ears.

All money raised will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Thanks to Mark Wilkie for his excellent illustrations ( and to Michelle Woolnough for her help with the video!

LEAKED: Government’s Draconian Anti-Looting Plans

looters1 LEAKED: Governments Draconian Anti Looting Plans

Shocking Exclusive Picture From Syco HQ

The depths of the evil Simon Cowell Empire continue to shock Britain to it’s very core…

cowellmachine Shocking Exclusive Picture From Syco HQ

New Video: Spanish Phrasebook

So here it is: The video for “Spanish Phrasebook” from our debut album “Seriously, Don’t Release This” – avilable now on iTunes!

“Wood Vs Evil” (Live at ROTW 2010)

Stuart O’Connor – Map Of Shibuya

If it’s okay with you all, we’d like to take a very brief rest from being fucking hilarious, to let you in on a little secret: Sometimes, we are capable of making REAL music, too. For example, Leon’s been playing drums for a singer songwriter called Stuart O’Connor, and he’s bloody brilliant. SO brilliant, in fact, that Chris produced his new album (it’s released next month.)

leonshibuya 300x170 Stuart OConnor   Map Of Shibuya

So, while we get back to being fucking hilarious, why not check out Stuart’s new video for his tune ‘Map Of Shibuya’. Leon on drums, Chris behind the mixing desk, Mark Garvey (the man responsible for the video for ‘There’s Nothing Sexy About Faeces’) behind the camera. Enjoy.

New Website!

That’s right folks! Spandex Ballet now have a new all-singing all dancing website. Sexy, isn’t it? Expect a load more updates from now on – not to mention video blogs, demos of new songs, news updates, gig lists, and all the usual stuff you would expect from us. But now it’s in a bigger font, and more orangey. Mmm. Orange.

orange New Website!

There’s a tonne of stuff going on in Camp Spandex right now, with writing for a new album under-way (which subsequently means new airings of live tunes very soon, as well.) and there is even talk of a Spandex Ballet DVD. Now, what that might entail, we don’t really know – but we’re excited none-the-less, aren’t you?

If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better then please do comment and we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, thanks again for your support and we’ll see you soon.

Chris and Leon, Spandex Ballet.

We Have A Blog!

Hello!  Welcome to Spandex Ballet’s new blog page.  For those of you not in the know, SB are Chris Hollis & Leon Camfield, a musical comedy duo from Hitchin, Herts.  As Chris has his own blog page, we’ve decided to leave this page to me.  I’ll be using this to update you all on any projects SB undertake, as well as my own musings with regard to the news, life & my numerous comedy health issues.

Onwards & upwards