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Edinburgh – Day One

It’s raining.  But then it is Scotland.  It was raining when we got here, it rained on us as we trapsed between gigs, & this morning, it’s still raining.  But then it is Scotland.


We’ve actually had an awesome first day, despite the gloom – two cool shows (audience size diminished by the rain, but certainly not un-entheused by it), a few leads for some more shows (if you happen to be a promoter up here, or – always keen!), & we met Norman Lovett!  Bonus.


As Leon writes this, we are sat in our pants in Doggett & Ephgrave’s digs, drinking coffee & discussing plans for the day, which bizarrely include the possibility of playing a kids’ show.  The riots may be here by the end of the day…

Edinburgh Dates

Hey gang


Here are our Edinburgh dates thus farl keep ‘em peeled to our Twitter account (SpandexBallet1) for updates.  If you fancy throwing a date our way, then e-mail or




sb Edinburgh Dates

SB Join RICH HALL at The Distraction Club!

So, please excuse us, because we’re pretty fucking excited right now. In fact we haven’t had a collective stiffy this hard since Bernard Manning died. But it is with IMMENSE pleasure that Spandex Ballet can proudly announce that we will be joining Rich Hall and a host of other amazing acts at Mitch Benn’s new club The Distraction Club.

RichHall 150x150 SB Join RICH HALL at The Distraction Club!We’re pretty god damn thrilled by this and we’d love your support, so here’s what you need to do: 1) Look in your diary. 2) Turn to the page that has TUESDAY 3rd MAY on it. 3) Scribble out anything that is written there and write “go to see Spandex Ballet at The Distraction Club in London.” 4) Book some tickets by clicking on this little linky here.

That’s it. You’re in. Now you can enjoy us in being stupidly excited. Hurrah!! Cheers to everyone for their support – and we hope to see you all down there for a right ol’ knees up.

Also, if you haven’t yet checked out Mitch Benn’s Comedy Podcast (which was how we ended up on this great bill – please do check it out. Head over to now and download it – it’s free!)

ROTW 2010 Footage

Thanks to those of you who’ve been sending us bits of footage from shows here and there. We’ve just seen the first one to be posted from our appearance at Hitchin’s Rhythms of the World festival last weekend. Thanks to Michelle for posting!

If you have any videos of us playing live, please point us in it’s general direction!

Rhythms Of The World 2010

A massive, massive thank you to everyone who came to see our show on Chris Ripple’s ArcadeEclectic stage at this year’s Rhythms Of The World festival.  We weren’t expecting anything like the audience we got, but we were even more surprised that you didn’t all leave in droves after my “warn-’em-early-doors” Maddy McCann gag.

A reminder that those of you who wanted an album & didn’t get one can either download it on iTunes, or buy it here.  We love you all.  Mwah.

rotw1 300x199 Rhythms Of The World 2010

More pics like this one at

New Material!

Yes, that’s right folks. SB have been working hard today to write some brand spanking new songs for you all. We don’t want to give too much away, but I can assure you there’s something for everyone. They include ‘Googy Gaggy Baby’, our own take on Eurovision, and a song about call centres. And they say Radiohead are eclectic.

You’ll be able to hear some of the new material at Hitchin’s Mostly Comedy at the George (visit for info) and of course this year’s Rhythms of the World Festival (more info at

Seeya soon.
Chris and Leon.

SB Album Launch Footage

Our friend Danny was thoughtful enough to upload some clips from our album launch onto youtube. And there was another one posted from ‘peoplearestrange’ too – We thought we’d share them all with you here. Enjoy: