Edinburgh – Day One

It’s raining.  But then it is Scotland.  It was raining when we got here, it rained on us as we trapsed between gigs, & this morning, it’s still raining.  But then it is Scotland.


We’ve actually had an awesome first day, despite the gloom – two cool shows (audience size diminished by the rain, but certainly not un-entheused by it), a few leads for some more shows (if you happen to be a promoter up here, leon@spandexballet.com or chris@spandexballet.com – always keen!), & we met Norman Lovett!  Bonus.


As Leon writes this, we are sat in our pants in Doggett & Ephgrave’s digs, drinking coffee & discussing plans for the day, which bizarrely include the possibility of playing a kids’ show.  The riots may be here by the end of the day…

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