The Day The Music Died (Phil Collins Only Slightly To Blame)

Progressive Rock.

Those of you still reading might be surprised to know that the bespectacled half of Spandex Ballet LOVES Progressive Rock – so much so, he even drums for definitely-not-dad-rock proggers, Tinyfish. This blog is intended to explain to you where – in Leon’s opinion, it all started going wrong for Prog.

Genesis – Not Always A Bag Of Rotting Shit

Many of you may not know this, but in the 1970′s, Genesis were one of the leading bands in the genre. Fronted back then by a fresh-faced (& frankly bonkers) Peter Gabriel (& worryingly founded as schoolboys by kiddie-fiddler denialist, Jonathan King), they were genuinely a forward-thinking group. In 1975, Gabriel quit, & it was decided (by all except Phil, or so he says) that Collins should replace him as frontman.

1976 – Genesis Fuck It All Up

Under Phil’s reluctant leadership, Genesis made two cracking albums in 1976 – A Trick Of The Tail, & Wind & Wuthering. However, on the latter album, there is a song called Your Own Special Way. So awful is this piece of music, that Leon felt compelled to critique it, & so popped round to the house of The Amazing Wilf (labelled the John Peel of Prog by the community), for a frank chat about this genre-murdering song.  Many people blame Punk for the death of Prog. They are wrong – it’s this song.

Listen to Leon’s considered analysis of YOSW here.


  1. SmartUK says:

    Yeah, but it’s catchy, isn’t it?

  2. admin says:

    So’s AIDs. Doesn’t make it a good thing.

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