Just Why Did That Woman Throw That Cat In That Wheelie Bin?

The cat-loving world (or “women”, as they are better-known) is up in arms at the moment, due to seemingly unbelievable footage of a woman throwing a cat in a wheelie bin in Coventry, last Saturday. No one seems to know why the women threw the cat in the bin, but the fact remains: A woman threw a cat in a bin.

Cats Are People Too…

Time to come clean here; this half of SB is not a cat lover.  Not at all.  However, nor am I a fan of pointless cruelty to animals, so whilst I’m more comfortable writing an article on a comedy blog about a cat being stuck in a wheelie bin (as opposed to, say, a lemur, an animal I love), I do not condone the actions of this mystery woman (although she bears a mild resemblance to “that bigoted woman”, Gillian Duffy).  Just thought I’d make that clear before the hate mail starts.

Felis Catus: Nature’s BTK? Maybe, But No One Put Him in a Bin…

Have a look at some of the comments on that link of the CCTV footage – they show a surprising lack of sympathy for the cat. Maybe we are uncovering two seething undercurrents of British culture: Those who think it’s abhorrent to put a cat in wheelie bin, and those who think cats deserve to be put in wheelie bins. (For the record, despite our mixed views on cats – neither half of SB is in the latter camp.) Here’s what people had to say:

Shane of Sydney Posted at 9:27 AM August 24, 2010

Maybe your cat is a massive pain in the arse to your neighbors and you need to control it.

ST BENNY of work Posted at 9:41 AM August 24, 2010

hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa thats funny

Rub The Owners Nose In It of My Territory NOT Yours Posted at 9:57 AM August 24, 2010

No excuse for cruelty (besides a swift kick up the bum) but FFS keep your stinkin cats under your control and not out roaming the neighbourhood killing wildlife etc and shittin in other peoples gardens. Why should others be forced to clean up after YOUR stinkin animals!!!

I think people might be missing the point here a bit; it is in a cat’s nature to piss & shit where it pleases, & also to kill animals (ironically, it will do so in a cruel manner, toying with it).  Despite what my misanthropic Mother says, it’s not in our nature to put a cat in solitary confinement.  Two wrongs don’t make a right (although we did hang Saddam Hussein, so maybe they do).

Cat In a Bin Motive: Monetary? Marketing Scheme?

Bill Hicks used to say to his audience, “By the way, if there is anyone here in Marketing & Advertising – kill yourself”.  & having done a few minutes’ lazy online research, what did I find?

So maybe we’ve just been indoctrinated by the media to be cruel to cats.

I Smell a Rat (…a Cat Would’ve Caught it Had it Not Been Stuck in a Bin.)

chrismorris1 Just Why Did That Woman Throw That Cat In That Wheelie Bin?But you know us at Spandex Towers; there’s always a bigger picture.  Have another look at that CCTV footage.  How crystal-clear is that footage?  Whenever you watch Crimewatch, the footage of any in-store CCTV is shite!  Grey, grainy images that can only suggest that the robber has no facial features whatsoever.  The guy who owns the cat repairs mobile phones for a living, & lives in Coventry.  He’s not a rock star, or a foreign dignitary – who needs CCTV this detailed in Warwickshire?  Also, he obviously films 24 hours a day.  Basically, I smell Chris Morris, or possibly Dom Joly.

One more thing, then I’ll let you go.  I typed “Coventry News” into Google today, & this page came up.  The cat story is first AND third billing.  A stabbing, an escaped killer & a superbly ironic piece on a Fraud Officer being done for, er, fraud are all playing second fiddle to the cat.  Priorities.

I’ll leave it at that.


  1. This story is surely to form the basis of a forthcoming Spandex Ballet song…?!

  2. Jamie Tayler says:

    Great musings.

    Personally, I was unbelievably taken aback by the vicious spleen that has been vented towards “mad cat lady”.

    Admittedly my (perhaps imaginary) PETA membership lapsed many years ago, and I’m partial to a bit of feline verbal abuse (calling my moggy a “ball-sucking, pathetic excuse for a cat” a little too frequently), but I would draw the line at physical cruelty.

    More alarmingly, I feel, has been the reporting of this story; if, indeed, it isn’t a hoax, the “crystal-clear” footage clearly identifies the perpetrator.

    Cases such as this, where no “criminal” offence has been committed could still lead to vicious mob behaviour leaving the, admittedly disturbed, woman the victim.

    The BBC have just reported that: “police community support officers were brought in to monitor the situation when large crowds gathered outside her home”

    Glancing over the hate-filled Facebook page where, one particular unpleasant person said she would “butt-f***” and “dicapitate” the woman, sending her “dismembered corpse to Whiskas”, I’m wondering if the household who distributed the images from their CCTV to YouTube and Feckbook did the right thing.


  3. admin says:

    It is fantastically irresponsible, yet again in this sodding country, that – even though the evidence is overwhelming, the perpetrator has been all-but-named before she’s been found guilty (I remember Craig Charles getting a touch miffed about something similar that happened to him once). It’s awful that a cat had to sit in its own shit for 16 hours, but there are far, far worse things being done by people on a grander scale. I wonder how many of these “outraged” people eat meat from intensively-reared farms? Or buy foods with battery eggs in? Seems animal cruelty is ok, as long as everyone does it.

  4. Just Why Did That Woman Throw That Cat In That Wheelie Bin ……

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