X Factor Autotune Update

Yesterday, SB posted about whether the people behind TV show The X-Factor had used autotune on contestants, thus making the point of the programme roughly zilch. Well we can now confirm that the people at ITV have responded…

In short: Yes, they fucking did.

The evidence can be found in two places; one is to follow this link (or just Google it, pretty much every paper’s covered it) and read how the X Factor has attempted to justify adding autotune to competitors to tweak their voices.

Or you could just watch this – either Gamu Nhengu is autotuned, or Terminator has taken a different form to that which we expected.

Angry.  Angry.  I am angry.

cowell X Factor Autotune Update


  1. Peter Dawes says:

    It’s not like they’ve even bothered to try and hide it! I mean there are subtle ways of using autotune, and the effect can sound almost transparent when using high end tuning programmes such as Melodyne…this is bare ’90′s rushed autotune – out of the box. Can’t believe they’ve been so bare-faced about it. If it had been subtle, it would have improved the performance…instead it makes her sound like a fucking machine. This shit makes me angry man.

  2. admin says:

    Me too, mate. What makes me especially angry is how on earth people can’t hear it. In the words of Murray Hewitt, you’d have to be deaf to hear that.

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