Did Jon Morter Strike A Longer-Lasting Blow Than We Thought?

Being a man who is a part-time shut-in, it’s easy for me to sometimes miss a lot of what constitutes modern British culture; in fact, I only found out about three weeks ago that Big Brother is on telly at the mo.  However, not even I could have failed to have noticed that X Factor is once more about to descend upon us.  400 years ago, epidemics came in the form of fatal diseases & religious-based genocides.  These days, our epidemics are spiritual ones.

I don’t like X Factor; not only does it do that brilliantly capitalist thing of making already-rich people richer, whilst shitting on the unfounded hopes & dreams of hundreds of thousands of people (not to mention exploiting the few truly talented singers that are inevitably weeded out), but it also cheapens the profession I have chosen to follow.  We don’t have “Brain Surgeon Factor”, “Lion Tamer Factor”, or even “Chartered Accountant Factor”, so why is it acceptable to assume that anybody who can fill out an application form & stand in a queue all day will be a competent musician?

X-Factor – The Modern Day Syphilis

You don’t have to look back 400 years to see the astounding legacy that British music has left.  Since the 50′s, British bands have been undeniably the best in the world.  Through each decade, up to & including the 1990′s, this country has produced music of such quality that its influence has reached every corner of the planet.  Jesus, even the 80′s had some half-decent stuff about; even U2 were bearable back then.

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X Factor started in 2004, & this seems to coincide with the general shitness of British music generally.  I’m not going to sit here & list every “proper” band from the last six years that I hate, mostly because it would take me far too long (although one of them, Kasabian, garner back respect from me thanks to Tom Meighan’s quote, “The X Factor is like something The Riddler would do in Batman. It sucks out everyone’s brains“).  But I can hardly blame them; modern culture teaches young musicians that mastery of one’s instrument is secondary to conforming to a certain stereotype.

What’s X-Factor This Year Got To Do With Rage?

You may now be wondering, “I hear what you’re saying, Leon.  But what has this got to do with Jon Morter?” (Jon was the man behind 2009′s Rage Against The Machine Christmas Number 1 Campaign).  Well, having run a little search on X Factor today (yes, I know, adding to its perceived popularity), I’ve discovered that the next series of X Factor (as in, the one after the one coming up) won’t start until January 2012; in other words, it won’t get a crack at the Xmas Number One.  And whilst the cynic in me believes this won’t happen if this year’s inevitable sack of shit gets the Christmas top spot (something Simon Cowell must be worried about; hence his decision to start 2012′s series after Chrimbo), I can’t help but feel that a corner may have been turned.


  1. Debi Hasler says:

    Jon is a bit of a legend for what he did I quite agree…(although at least spell his name right!)

    It just proved that persistence and a good handle of ‘social media’ can get you places, and the 2009 Xmas No.1 campaign is better proof than any. If I meet him the drinks will be on me!

  2. @nli10 says:

    Um. That leaves a gap in the schedule.

    You’ll have Xfactor in the new year ready to decimate the charts with it’s live recordings (they are releasing all the live tracks as chart eligible DLs from this year), followed by BGT, followed by a large reality contest shaped hole.

    The only question is what has SimCo done next to fill that hole…

  3. admin says:

    Debi – yeah, I’ve seen his name online with & without the ‘h’; I shall amend now. I think the ‘social media’ element is the important thing; every year, Cowell gives the public one option & they all go & buy it. We’ve never had that luxury, & Jon provided us with one last year.

    @nli – are you serious? Live recordings? According to my Facebook feed (not the most reliable source, I’ll grant you), autotune was in high evidence (more here on our thoughts on that – http://spandexballet.com/2010/05/24/michael-buble-with-glee/). I don’t think it’s possible to counter Cowell’s every move; at the end of the day, he’s giving an ignorant public what they think they want. I’m still holding to the thin belief that he was stung (if not shaken) by what happened at Xmas.

  4. Tracy says:

    There was a woman behind it too!

  5. admin says:

    Ha ha! Yes Tracy, you deserve as much kudos as Jo(h)n. Thank you so much for helping us reclaim the charts, albeit briefly. Let’s hope people like you (or actually you again) cook something else up to stick it to the man :-)

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