Mapiness? Here’s an Idea…

So, apparently a new iPhone app is allowing proud owners to take part in an experiment to map how HAPPY the UK is.

After downloading the free “Mappiness” app, users are occasionally asked how happy they’re feeling. This is then put on a map to give an overall idea of the country’s mood.

I propose we take the experiement one step further: Why not do this experiment one month where people are ALLOWED to buy the Daily Mail, and then another month where people refrain from reading it, and see whether eveyone slowly starts to realise that the country isn’t an over-filled cesspit of paedophiles, rapists and ‘strange foreign types’, and in fact can be a relatively pleasant place to be. You never know, maybe people will even develop their own sense of judgement, and something like, oh I don’t know, HEAVEN, may dawn.

Happiness Mapiness? Heres an Idea...

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