Stream Spandex Ballet Album Tracks!

Hey all, just a quick note that after much arguing with technology, we have finally managed to get a Spandex Ballet music player up on the site! Have a look over to the right of the page, and you’ll see there’s now a funky little music player, featuring a selection of tunes from our debut album for your listening pleasure.

If you have any suggestions for the player, why not send them over – every once in a while we’ll update it, and we’ll always take your requests on board (although all requests for ‘My Boombastic Definition Of A Sex Attack’ will be ignored for a number of obvious reasons).

Oh, and thank you to anyone who’s been sharing our articles on Facebook – please keep spreading the word. It means absolutely loads.


  1. WoopWoop!
    I ridonkulously love you guys. Cant wait for the next album, write it NOW!!!!!
    I think I may need help with my infatuation of you…

  2. Kim says:

    Love the album!

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