What's Next? "Christian Party Put Forward Satanist"?

Reverend James Gitau.  This may not be a name you know, & it certainly wasn’t one I’d heard until I decided to browse a certain political party’s website this morning (I was browsing for info only, don’t worry).  This man is the Christian Party’s candidate for Croydon Central.  However, last month, he was a British National Party member.

When we started this blog, both Chris & I said we wouldn’t bias towards/away from any specific political party – “Slag ‘em all off” was our motto.  However, I’ve decided to break from this rule for one blog only, because one thing Chris & I are against, is cunts.

Gitau joined the BNP because they are “the only party that boldly speaks against sodomy in public”.  As far as I’m concerned, I think sodomy in public is wrong too, but behind closed doors, you should be allowed to bum away to your heart’s content.

Having perused The Christian Party’s website, his switch might not be as polar as you might think.  Among their policies -

- Re-instate the teaching of ‘Classical’ subjects in every school (Latin, anyone?)

- Support the use of reasonable force by teachers to maintain discipline in schools (& a dumbbell supplied free)

- Allow schools to elect to use supervised corporal punishment as a “punishment of last resort” instead of ‘Exclusions’

- Re-instate mandatory Christian religious education in schools

- Call for sex education classes to be given only to teenagers on a parental opt-in basis

- Call for the end of the promotion and teaching in schools of homosexuality as a family relationship

- Call for the restoration of Sunday as a day of rest, to allow reflection by individuals and communities on the role they have to play.  A re-ordering of values is needed

I could go on, citing their anti-abortion ideas, or even that fact that they’re not opposed to war per se, but you get the idea.

Gitau left the BNP because he felt they were “too racist”; indeed, his BNP competitor for Croydon Central, one Cliff Le May, wrote to Boris Johnson recently, objecting to “violent immigrants who have no right to live among decent civilised white people”.  It’s no secret that the BNP harbour racist views, so here’s the punchline -

- Reverend James Gitau is black!

You couldn’t make it up…

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