Spandex Ballet – Big In Spain!

Eleven days ago, we launched a video to our tender ballad, “There’s Nothing Sexy About Faeces”, & we’re pleased to say that we’ve had a great response, reaching over 1000 hits – many thanks to any of you who have watched/rated/favourited it.

But imagine my surprise, when a friend posted to my Facebook Wall, the following message -

Hay leon!! I’ve just come back from Spain!! I know lucky me… Anyhow met some new bods out their and one of them got well excited when we started talking music said you gotta see this vid on YouTube … Next thing I knew I was watching you and your mate singing about anul sex LOL … You don’t half get around!! Ps they were soooooooo jealous that I actually knew you I felt like a groupie icon smile Spandex Ballet   Big In Spain!

Fuck me, we’ve made it!  In all seriousness, it shows that virals can & do work – here’s the video again.  If you like it, please, please share/retweet it with any like-minded people – it really does make a difference.


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