Is America Already Being Conquered By The Enemy Within?

A report on the BBC News website claims that more than a quarter of young Americans are too fat to join the army.  According to John Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton, both former chairmen of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, obesity is now the number one medical factor ruling out potential soldiers.  Whilst one might consider that the US army is the number one place to go to beat the flab (former Celebrity Fit Club’s own ex-Drill Sergeant, Harvey Walden IV being a case in point), at least now the average Yank pacifist knows how to dodge the draft, should it ever be re-introduced.

Also, this surely makes it easier for any potential enemies of the U.S. to conquer them.  Stop making weapons & start making cheap junk food.  Then open lots of convenience stores across the country, & have them run by various ethnic minorities.  Hang on a minute…

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  1. Rob says:

    Well that rules out most of the women from Stevenage from signing up aswell.

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