Finally, A Gaffe – & What A Gaffe!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it?  Every election has one, whether it’s Neil Kinnock pretending to be Bono, or John Prescott pretending to be Henry Cooper.  Well, now Gordon Brown has joined in, calling a 66-year-old widow from Rochale, “A bigot”, as he sped away in a car after chatting to her – not realising he was still wearing a clip-on mic.

When first reading the news, I noticed that the press weren’t printing what the woman, Gillian Duffy, had said.  Brown claimed she was talking about Eastern European immigration in his apology to her, on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2′s show (note brilliant head-clutching), & I must admit, I assumed the lady in question may well have suggested that “Dem immigants need gassing bak to Nairobi”.

Turns out she didn’t, & that in fact, immigration was only mentioned in passing, & that her views, whilst broad & general, certainly weren’t bigoted.

If you want a real laugh though, watch these two journalists from the BBC & Sky News chasing this poor, confused woman, fighting with each other for airtime, & desperately trying to keep a non-interview going.  Awesome – especially when she answers her phone.

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  1. [...] love), I do not condone the actions of this mystery woman (although she bears a mild resemblance to “that bigoted woman”, Gillian Duffy).  Just thought I’d make that clear before the hate mail [...]

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