I Agree With Nick (If Nick Says Commercialism Moves Too Fast, That Is)

Having missed the first leader debates, I was interested to learn that the phrase, “I agree with Nick” was used several times by both Gordon Brown and David Cameron – trying to patronise the new boy, or trying to butter the kingmaker up?  In any event, I was stunned, upon typing “I agree with Nick” into Google, to find a website churning out appropriately-branded merch. Some of the more ‘interesting’ merch comes in the form of this t-shirt for your dog, some nice low top sneakers, or brilliantly, Vince Cable’s giant brain!

Let’s hope for Nick’s sake he’s getting a cut of all this merch, as allegations into his financial affairs from 2006 arose today; sadly, I’m going to miss the second leader debates, but I’m sure Clegg will get his arse handed to him, as indeed Vince Cable did on The Politics Show, this afternoon.  Lib Dem backlash?  You fucking bet.

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  1. JamesA says:

    And if we know anything, it’s that Liberals over the years have enjoyed nothing more than a backlash, eh, Mr Thorpe.

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